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Sunday, June 26, 2011

The Weekend = Makeup Time

So yeah -- I pretty much rock the Haggard Housemom Look from Monday through Friday so on the weekends, I like to bust out THE SPARKLES :D I'm a very much all-or-nothing kinda gal which means I will wear NO makeup or I will wear A LOT of makeup.

Here is the look I wore on Friday. All of the eye colors on my eyes are eye pigments from Madd Style Cosmetix, which is my favorite indie makeup company by a long shot. I am building myself a lovely little collection of MSC products thus far and add to it whenever I can.

For Saturday's look, I used four MSC pigments. From outer to inner, they are as follows:

* Mondo (purple)
* Etco Cooler (lime green)
* Columbia and Dr. Rockso (whites -- used as highlights)

I also wore a Sally Hansen Lip Shimmer in 'Instinct' that my lovely pal sent me and used my Physician's Formula "Happy Booster" blush which, I must admit, works well but I am mostly attracted to the adorable packaging of it. If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here. I'm a sucker for hearts.

And yeah, that cute little man over there that got into one of my highlighter piggies? That's my very own makeup artist who also happens to be my son. He's pretty rad, I tell ya that much :D

On Saturday, I busted out with a sample of Goldilux from Sugarpill Cosmetics that another lovely friend had sent me. I can't be certain, but I can almost guarantee that this stuff is made of Leprechaun Pee (That's a good thing, my friends. A very, very good thing). Goldilux is truly magical. My camera couldn't even almost capture how lovely it really is. It really does look like pure gold and it delivers all kinds of sparkles, I assure you.

I added a few Madd Style Cosmetix colors to the look -- Dirty Beats in the crease and Brown Sugah as a highlight. This was my first time using Sugarpill and, after trying it, I most certainly intend to buy some of their products in the future.

I used an ELF blush called "Tickled Pink" and wore Sally Hansen Lip Shimmer in 'Instinct' again.

Today is Sunday and I have no plans which means I'm back in Comfortable Slob Mode -- And let me tell you, I'm enjoying every minute of it -- Though I might bust out with another look later this afternoon. We'll see.

Thanks for reading, friends!


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